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The Alternative Space

Bed and Breakfast


Digital Nomad Hotspot

Swakopmund in Namibia is not only the recognized adventure capital of Africa, but this lazy little surf town squashed between the great Atlantic Ocean and the old Namib Desert is still a Digital Nomad “hidden gem”. More and more young people that seek a quality lifestyle different from the soul killing industrial rat race is migrating towards this unique little town on the west coast of Africa.

At the Alternative Space your living costs will be cheap. Accommodation at a very special negotiated rate, free barbeque facilities and free self catering kitchen allows for your own cheap food preparation.

Swakopmund is regarded as Africa for beginners. The buildings are modern. The infrastructure works properly. Wifi is fast, the food is of European standard, the beaches are empty, and the Namib Desert is safe and free for those with the need for meditation. Socializing happens in several of the local coffee shops serving just the best from the local roastaries. Local specialized adventure activities include skydiving, sand boarding, quad biking in the dunes, shark fishing, sea kayaking, dolphin cruising, hot air ballooning, aerobatic flying and surfing the most amazing and longest barrel on planet earth i.e. the Skeleton Bay wave.

The nomadic lifestyle is based on the idea of mobility and freedom. As such, the Alternative Space offers beautiful rooms and luxury amenities to Digital Nomads at a price as negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. The amenities include free and comfortable dedicated work spaces, either in the room itself, or if preferred, in the building next door. The subconscious magic that has been a part of the Alternative Space during its 25 years of existence will do the rest!