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The Alternative Space

Bed and Breakfast


Digital Nomad Hotspot

The Alternative Space speaks of life being lived as an exquisite and exciting art form. Frenus and Sibylle would love to meet you, and share the magic . . .

The Alternative Space Bed and Breakfast in Swakopmund, Namibia, is owned and run by Sibylle, with the help of her architect husband, Frenus.

The Alternative Space was established during colonial times, as the first and only alternative art gallery, in which anti-colonial and anti-apartheid artist could exhibit fine art and photography.

Providing accommodation to interesting people was a natural progression in the life of the gallery. With its extensive collection of Namibian art and photography, liberally exhibited in all the rooms, white washed walls, beautiful garden with green lawns, palm trees, banana and olive trees, the Alternative Space accommodation is conducive of friendship, sensuality and romance.

As the oldest existing Backpackers lodge with a cultural background, in Namibia, that grew up to include bed and breakfast, the logic metamorphosis into becoming a Digital Nomad Hotspot happened automatically. The mix between culture, adventure, cheap living, minimum crime, fast internet, comfort, friendship, open mindedness and good cuisine makes The Alternative Space Digital Nomad Hotspot in Swakopmund a must for any traveler of the future.