Bed Breakfast BB accommodation, Alternative Space accommodation, Swakopmund Namibia

Bed Breakfast BB accommodation, Alternative Space accommodation, Swakopmund Namibia


The Alternative Space as Provocative Erotic Architecture


During 2011 the Alternative Space Bed and Breakfast sponsored the architect Frenus Rörich to write a series of weekly articles. The column was published in The Namibian under the title


"Ways of seeing Erotic Architecture".  These articles were based on, and inspired, by the atmosphere and philosophy of the Alternative Space. The following article was published on the 22nd July 2011.


Exciting spaces are needed to allow, and promote, the happening of extraordinary experiences.

Extraordinary experiences are based on the excitement created by transcending normal day to day behavior.  These erotic moments can take the form of transcending the cerebral (money or material objects), physical (sex), or spiritual experiences (religion). The most extraordinary experiences are always highly emotionally charged.

The erotic has little to do with sex.

The erotic experience relies on the senses.  For an experience to be erotically charged, it must be light hearted positive and happy. A depressed person can never experience the erotic, or create erotic spaces. A stressed person is lost to the erotic. A tired or hungry person will not be interested. Real physical pain does not enhance the erotic experience. The body, soul and mind must be clean and healthy to enjoy the erotic. The erotic is in essence playful. Erotic places and moments are based on a “joy for life”.

Transition spaces that allow the discarding of stress and depression before entering the erotically charged spaces are essential. The spirit of the participant must be ”rested”, ”healed” and “cleaned” before the joy for life can manifest itself. This healing and cleaning process cannot be forced, and will take up lots of time.  Without this healing process of the spirit, the erotic will become blatant and gross. This should not be allowed.

The quality of specifically created spaces can promote the liberation that allows the actor to transcend normal behavior and create the erotic impulse. The erotic impulse reacts with the senses. The ultimate erotic impulse is when all the senses concur in a moment of extraordinary bliss.

The design of environments that challenge the logic, the needs, the emotions, the expectations and the taboos imposed on our senses, is critical for the joy for life impulse to flourish.  Such environments help the person to discard inhibitions, and feed their inner spirit, allowing them to live out what is often suppressed, secret and hidden.


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Bed Breakfast BB accommodation, Alternative Space accommodation, Swakopmund Namibia